Blake Astley

About Me

My name is Blake Astley, a Software Engineer based in the North East of NSW, Australia. Me and my beautiful fiance Beth live in a little town called Wollongbar where we're incredibly lucky to be close to some amazing beaches, the Gold Coast and our family and friends.

I currently work for a company called Zepto primarily working on a Ruby on Rails monolith whilst also getting the chance to dip my toes in some new languages, systems and learning endevours. I can categorically say that I'm addicted to learning anything and everything to do with computer science, web app development and computers general...Basically, I've been lucky enough to find my passion in life.

My goal is to use this website as a place to share my learnings, experiences, thoughts and ideas with the world. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading :) hopefully you've either found something you're interested in or you've been able to have a laugh at something along the way.

Have a great day :)